This is an opportunity to become involved in so many things – special events, information sessions, mental & physical activities, entertainment, and socializing with new friends and this all gives us a sense of living in a wonderful way!

- Canterbury Resident

2nd Annual “Promise of Home” Fall Fundraising Gala a Success!

Canterbury Foundation held 2nd Annual “Promise of Home” Fall Fundraising Gala which was held on Friday, October 21st at the Royal Glenora Club.

Executive Director, Wendy King gives an update on Canterbury Foundation

The sold-out event was attended by family and friends of Canterbury residents and staff, supporters, donors, sponsors, politicians and community members. The event raised over $50,000! This represents 25% of our two-year goal to raise $200,000, in support of our Community Outreach Program. We are so grateful to our all supporters for their contribution.

The Community Outreach Program was initiated last year to help meet the social and emotional needs of Canterbury residents, their families and seniors in the surrounding community. It included the hiring of a Geriatric Social Worker last year who is already providing residents with social, emotional and spiritual support. The program has received a positive response and in order to best meet the needs of Canterbury residents we will be adding services to the program.

We want to thank everyone who attended the event and donated their resources to help us continue to provide high-quality seniors care in Edmonton. Your partnership will help give the “Promise of Home” to all seniors today and in the future.