The next best thing to being in your home is to be at Canterbury.  I’m loving it.  When I was unable to be in my own home if was wonderful to be able to move to Canterbury!

- Canterbury Resident

Community Outreach Program Chaplain Ministry

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Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program at Canterbury Foundation started in November 2015 as a Pilot Project, when the Foundation received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Community Initiatives Program to hire a geriatric Social Worker. After seeing the positive impact it had on residents and their loved ones, Canterbury knew it was important that the outreach program and the services it provides not only continues, but expands. In early 2018, Canterbury took a big step in the expansion of this program through the hiring of a Spiritual Care Chaplain.

As a part of our capital project, amongst many others, one of the key focuses is the development of a strong Community Outreach program. We see, first hand, every day, the benefit of having a Social Worker and Chaplin on site. We see the difference in residents that are fighting many issues related to aging; social isolation, anxiety, depression, transition issues, and much more. Our Outreach Team places a strong emphasis on ensuring their services are accessible and experienced by all. Their passion for the care they provide is unparalleled and it directly impacts the quality of life for our seniors in the most positive way.

Canterbury Foundation has been fortunate to have the support of its donors to help keep the Community Outreach Program alive; much of the funding is backed by proceeds from Canterbury’s Annual Charity Golf Tournaments and Promise of Home Galas.

Today, the Community Outreach Program continues to offer support to many seniors living at Canterbury Foundation, along with their families, as they experience the familiar and unforeseen hardships that come with life’s transitions and changes.

As such, we know we need to take this program further into the community, and offer services to seniors that experience similar challenges, but in their own homes. This is a goal of ours, as we gear up for our capital project, and aim to build upon the Promise of Home.