Life at Canterbury for me is retiring with dignity for body, mind and soul.

- Canterbury Resident


Supporting a Community in Transition: Canterbury’s 5th Annual Promise of Home Gala

For families with aging parents - having a system of support in place is the cornerstone of the health, happiness and well-being of Gail’s mother who lives at Canterbury Court. The purpose of Canterbury’s Community Outreach Program is to do just that, provide support to residents and their families as they cross the critical milestones of aging. “As they age they go from independent living, to supportive to memory care and maybe end of life,” says Canterbury Executive Director Wendy King. “Those are a lot of things that are happening in the last years of their life and they need someone to walk beside them and to help them transition through all of that.”

Five years ago Canterbury recognized the need to have support for residents who are grieving. Many are dealing with the challenges that come with accepting the loss of a spouse, a family member’s passing or even loss of their independence, and King says that bringing in external help just wasn’t cutting it. “It’s about the whole person – we’re here for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health,” says King. “It’s about taking care of all their needs and so the Chaplain and Social Worker round that out for us.” 


Canterbury began raising funds for the two in-house support positions in 2015, and since they’ve been able to provide a variety of new programs geared towards making the losses and transitions easier for residents. Reverend Joanne Webster has served as Canterbury Chaplain for more than a year and half and says it’s a position of incredibly meaningful ministry. “I try and go visit all of the new residents that come to live here in our Canterbury family,” says Webster. “Other times I’ll be aware of somebody whose struggling, they might be lonely or just really having a hard time so I’ll go and visit with them and just let them know that they are important and cared for and loved.” 

From bible study, group services and chapel sing-a-longs to one-on-one counselling and support for residents and their families - it’s all about helping guide the community through the uncertainties. “When residents move into a facility such as ours here at Canterbury – sometimes it can be planned for and thought about and its easier,” says Webster. “When there’s dementia involved it does complicate things and often times a person is moving here because they lost their spouse and so not only do they have that great big loss now they are leaving their home of maybe 40 or 50 years so when they move it can be quite devastating so to be able to support them is very meaningful.” 

This year the 5th Annual Promise of Home Gala is raising money to fund the Chaplain and Social Worker positions at Canterbury Foundation. By getting your ticket, and joining us for an evening of entertainment, food and friends, you’re helping to make these critical support programs available for our residents and members of the community. Enjoy a cocktail reception, dinner as well as a silent and live auction and be a part of making a difference in the lives of seniors. (NOW SOLD OUT!) For more information visit: