I particularly appreciate: the wonderful homecare staff with their unfailing competencies and courtesy (I couldn’t manage without them); the opportunity weekly to attend chapel right here; the dining room services when I need them; and the good manners of the staff at all levels, which is unbelievably constant! Though, like any Manor resident I am always as independent as possible, it is good to know that should a health crisis occur, there is good, very competent experienced help to call on for immediate assistance.

- Canterbury Resident


Seniors' Week Celebrations at Canterbury

Alberta celebrates Seniors' Week from June 6-12! We encourage you to attend an event, catch up with the seniors in your own life and take a moment to thank an Albertan senior who has made a difference to your community. Here are some of the special things we did at Canterbury Foundation to celebrate our residents and recognize their rich contributions to our community and society.

Ice Cream Delivery!

Seniors’ Week at Canterbury is an opportunity for us to honour our residents. The activities staff created a star for each resident. Each star has a comment that is unique to each resident. The stars were placed on the outside of each residents door. To make the day even better, a special ice cream treat was delivered door to door!



Seniors' Week Barbeque

To celebrate Seniors' Week and to celebrate our residents, we held an outdoor barbeque for Canterbury residents and staff! We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and wonderful company.



Visit from Jack the Parrot

Old Jack the parrot visited us at Canterbury this week. We must say that he was well behaved, and although people in the photos might look a little concerned, he provided us with lots of laughs!