The next best thing to being in your home is to be at Canterbury.  I’m loving it.  When I was unable to be in my own home if was wonderful to be able to move to Canterbury!

- Canterbury Resident


Resident Profile: Len Crowther

In late November 2014, Len Crowther settled into life at Canterbury Court.  Learn more about Len!

He has high praise for the friendliness of the residents and all staff members.  This is a familiar area for him as he lived nearby with his wife and five children.  He knows that he is fortunate to have his three sons and two daughters in Edmonton.  He always has somebody he can count on when he needs a ride.

For years, Len Crowther’s name was well known in the local theatre scene.  Len became interested in acting when the family moved to Jasper.  He had an excellent high school teacher who inspired him to become involved in drama.

A special opportunity came when a Hollywood crew arrived in Jasper to film an Alberta-based production, Wings of Chance.  Len played the role of an R.C.M.P officer.  Several scenes were shot in Jasper Park Lodge.  Len said modestly that he had a few speaking lines.

He has had parts in CBC plays, television and radio.  When asked what kind of roles he played he remarked with a smile, “sometimes a grumpy old man.” That is good acting because Len is completely the opposite of that, with a great sense of humour and a very pleasant personality.