Everything is jut perfect; from food to entertainment to staff.  I never knew such a large place could also have such an inclusive feeling of caring.   It is the main feeling & brings the most joy to all here.  Thank you!

- Canterbury Resident


Politicians Visit Canterbury

Canterbury welcomes political visitors including Premier Jim Prentice, Edmonton Centre MP Laurie Hawn and Edmonton Riverview MLA Steve Young.

Canterbury residents were honoured to receive a visit from Premier Jim Prentice last June early in his leadership campaign.

Canterbury Manor residents Casey and Sandy Skakun welcome Jim Prentice.

Edmonton Riverview MLA, Steve Young accompanied leadership candidate, Jim Prentice when he visited Canterbury Foundation last June.

Resident Mrs Jan Schuler welcomes MLA Steve Young.

Edmonton Centre MP, Laurie Hawn, made his annual Canada Day visit to the residents of Canterbury Foundation in July. As usual, Laurie brought along with him a huge Canada Day cake to share with all the residents.