I particularly appreciate: the wonderful homecare staff with their unfailing competencies and courtesy (I couldn’t manage without them); the opportunity weekly to attend chapel right here; the dining room services when I need them; and the good manners of the staff at all levels, which is unbelievably constant! Though, like any Manor resident I am always as independent as possible, it is good to know that should a health crisis occur, there is good, very competent experienced help to call on for immediate assistance.

- Canterbury Resident


Laugh Between Friends

These two good friends were catching up at the special tea following Canterbury’s Celebration of Life.

The noise level was a bit up. Dear Gwen was telling her friend Ellen about growing  up in “Tokyo”. Ellen was so impressed and went on to ask about the experience and if she was fluent in Japanese.

Gwen turned around and answered “Why would I speak Japanese?”.  

“Well, you lived in Tokyo.”, replied Ellen.

Gwen looked baffled. “Not  Tokyo! I grew up in Tofield.”

The ladies shared a good laugh.