This is an opportunity to become involved in so many things – special events, information sessions, mental & physical activities, entertainment, and socializing with new friends and this all gives us a sense of living in a wonderful way!

- Canterbury Resident


Canterbury is Accredited!

Canterbury Foundation is proud to announce that it has successfully achieved accreditation from Accreditation Canada.

The decision followed its first on-site survey in June 2015 as part of an ongoing accreditation process.

Health care accreditation helps identify what an organization is doing well and where to focus its improvement efforts. Canterbury Foundation was evaluated against national standards, and will use the results to improve the quality and safety of its services.

“I am very proud of everyone at Canterbury Foundation,” said Wendy King, Executive Director. “They work incredibly hard to make sure they provide our residents with health care services that are safe, effective and of the highest quality. Our accreditation award is a real testament to the fact that everyone here makes quality and safety a priority every day.”

Accreditation Canada clients work hard to continually improve the quality of their services because quality health care matters!

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For more information, contact: Wendy King, Executive Director, 780-930-3725