Canterbury is a very safe and comfortable place. The staff are all very kind and helpful. We are very lucky and thankful to have them. I think Canterbury should be looking for land to build another Canterbury.

- Canterbury Resident


Canterbury Construction Update

We want to continue keeping you informed on the construction of the new soundproofing enclosure around the chiller located adjacent to the Canterbury building on 141 Street.

Please note: there are no changes being made to the chiller air conditioner. A new enclosure, designed with an acoustical silencer, will be the only change. This brand new enclosure will help keep the noise produced by the original chiller to a minimum. We anticipate this structure will be completed by mid-December.

Here’s what you can expect this week:

  • Progress: hydrovac and excavation work is complete.
  • Next step: formwork and rebar will be installed around chiller to prepare for concrete.
  • Noise: there will be increased noise while work is conducted on the new enclosure.
  • Continued communication with our stakeholders: in addition to this message, we are working with the City of Edmonton and our contractor Stuart Olson to ensure the construction of this enclosure is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Please feel free to reach out:

Contact us if you have additional questions or concerns about this construction. The Canterbury Foundation wants to make sure all Laurier Heights residents are kept informed and heard consistently throughout this renovation project. You can expect ongoing information updates as well as other opportunities within the community to hear the latest, ask questions and talk to Canterbury representatives.
We appreciate your patience during this process!
Questions? Please contact us at or call 780-483-5361.
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