Life at Canterbury is very “homey” & comfortable.   There are varied activities available, wonderful dining options, good friendships and efficient and kind staff.

- Canterbury Resident


BikeAround™ at Canterbury

It’s a trip Canterbury Court resident Bruce Hogle hasn’t made in years, but it’s one that inspired an entire morning of storytelling. Simply by typing in a location, sitting down at the bike and getting the pedals going, Hogle was able to bike down the streets of Prescott, Ontario where he lived many decades earlier.

It’s called BikeAround™, a technology that utilizes a stationary recumbent bicycle, large dome immersive screen, and Google Street View technology, allowing the user to bike wherever they want to go. “It brings back memories for them. “They may forget now where they are, but they visit these places on the bike and it takes them back in time,” says Canterbury Executive Director Wendy King. “It’s also benefits motor function, they are on there pedaling and steering their bike through the streets.”

Check out our Bike Around video by clicking here.

Canterbury is the first facility in Western Canada to house the technology and soon the program will be accessible not only to residents, but to the entire Edmonton community.  “We recently received this wonderful equipment through a $24,000 grant from the Edmonton Community Foundation,” says Canterbury Recreation Supervisor Mbalia Kamara. “By biking they are getting physical activity and the process of seeing those locations brings back memories, it allows them to share their life experiences and it’s been a wonderful addition to the programs we have here at Canterbury.”

Developed by biomechanical engineers in Stockholm, Sweden, BikeAround™ is designed to help increase alertness, memory recall, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and improve overall health and well-being. It’s a welcome addition that’s getting residents excited for future travels, “It allows you to go wherever you want in the world, I mean wow,” says Bruce Hogle. “We feel very proud and very privileged to have such innovative technology here in Edmonton,” says Wendy King. “We’re very excited for our residents, that they’ll be able to have something like this that allows them to go into these neighbourhoods and travel those countries that they visited in their younger years.”

To find out more about BikeAround™ please click here.

Canterbury would like to extend appreciation and thanks to the Edmonton Community Foundation for supporting this program and helping us bring it to our residents and members of the greater Edmonton community.