Everything is jut perfect; from food to entertainment to staff.  I never knew such a large place could also have such an inclusive feeling of caring.   It is the main feeling & brings the most joy to all here.  Thank you!

- Canterbury Resident


October 18, 2019 - the Promise of Home Gala

As the population of Edmonton seniors continues to grow, and the average income for seniors decreases, there is a significant need for more advanced, affordable and home-like care options. While more seniors are choosing to stay in their own homes, too often they are not able to stay healthy, live safely, and confidently access their surrounding amenities and services. Furthermore, when it comes time for end-of-life care, seniors in Edmonton – and their families - have limited options. Dementia is another growing concern for present and future generations of seniors, currently with over 40% of residents (over 135 residents) living with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive impairment at Canterbury Foundation.

As part of this advancement, and a key part of our upcoming Capital Project, amongst many others, one of the key focuses is the development of a strong Community Outreach Program. We see, first hand, the benefit every day of having a Social worker and a Chaplain on site. We see the difference in residents that are fighting many issues related to aging; social isolation, anxiety, depression, transition issues, and many more. Our Outreach Program team places a strong emphasis on ensuring their services are accessible and experienced by all. As such, we are looking to develop funding for this program and the services it provides through our fifth Annual Promise of Home Gala, presented by Stuart Olson.

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