Health and Wellness

The next best thing to being in your home is to be at Canterbury.  I’m loving it.  When I was unable to be in my own home if was wonderful to be able to move to Canterbury!

- Canterbury Resident

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at Canterbury

The Spiritual Care Chaplain offers dedicated spiritual and emotional supports to all residents, which compliments the physical care they receive at Canterbury. In the common ground of journeying together, the Chaplain provides listening presence and help to nourish a sense of well-being and feelings of security, hope and peace. Spiritual well-being impacts a person’s emotional and physical self.

Spiritual care is offered from the perspective that spirituality is not defined within the context of a specific religion and its doctrines, but instead as the awareness of a person’s place and purpose in the world as they have lived. Often, our senior years can be times that invite reflection of meaning and purpose in life, of joys and sorrows, and sometimes a desire for reconciling, for which our Spiritual Care Chaplain aims to provide the support required to navigate these circumstances.

As well as individual support, the Chaplain is involved in facilitating formal worship services in our chapel and in Canterbury Lane. There are a variety of Christian services of various denominations held regularly, as well as a Jewish Shabbat. There are also non-religious meditation and Bible studies offered for those who wish. Our Chaplain also visits residents who are in hospital for a time.


End of Life Care for Residents and Families

As Canterbury moves to include some palliative care services, we recognize that many turn to their spirituality for meaning and comfort at the end of life. The spiritual care and counsel that our Chaplain provides is invaluable in helping residents, caregivers, family, and friends who love them — to prepare for end-of-life and to find peace. In this way, Chaplains encourage positive outcomes in improving a patient’s sense of overall comfort and well-being. Where appropriate, our Chaplain is available for prayer, last rites, anointing and Holy Communion.

The help of our Chaplain is often appreciated by families after the passing of their loved one. Navigating the process of funeral homes and memorial service can be overwhelming, and our Chaplain is here to help. Many families choose to celebrate their loved one’s life with a remembrance service in our chapel. Our Chaplain is available to facilitate and to officiate if requested.

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