About Us

The next best thing to being in your home is to be at Canterbury.  I’m loving it.  When I was unable to be in my own home if was wonderful to be able to move to Canterbury!

- Canterbury Resident

Strategic Plan

The Future of "The Promise of Home"

As a leading seniors residence and provider of seniors continuing care services and programs, Canterbury Foundation is strengthening its position to support an increasing seniors population and increased demand for quality seniors housing and services in Edmonton.  We embrace this opportunity with the following strategic initiatives moving forward:

  • Enhance accommodation
  • Assess and pursue new development oportunites
  • Increase support and launch a Capital Campaign 
  • Continuously improve quality of services
  • Develop a comprehensive "People Plan" for sucession planning and leadership training
  • Expand community outreach and access

This strategic plan addresses the following:

  • The Capital Campaign: What is it?
  • Dementia Care and Hospice Care
  • Community support

Canterbury Foundation is committed to staying on top of current and emerging trends that will have an impact on the communities and people it serves. Services and programs will respond to the desires and needs of Edmonton seniors who make Canterbury Foundation home and for those considering Canterbury Foundation as their future home.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021