Everything is jut perfect; from food to entertainment to staff.  I never knew such a large place could also have such an inclusive feeling of caring.   It is the main feeling & brings the most joy to all here.  Thank you!

- Canterbury Resident

Canterbury Foundation Exceeds National Levels of Care

 presenting accreditation certificates

In June, Canterbury Foundation achieved Exemplary Standing under Accreditation Canada's Qmentum program. This success means Canterbury has exceeded national standards of resident and family-centered care in all of our services and programs, and demonstrates excellence in quality improvement. We were thrilled with the results, and held a celebratory BBQ and banner presentation to congratulate our staff, resident councils and board members who showed exceptional dedication as they worked on the project. 
Above, Executive Director Wendy King, Accreditation Specialist Helene Tomusiak-Donahue and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brian Popp, share in the certificate presentation during the BBQ.